Welcome to KIMBERLY

Welcome to KIMBERLY. I have made this my online Gallery to showcase my work. I am a self taught mixed media artist and really love how my work is evolving. Its exciting to see a blank canvas and create something warm and inspiring on its surface. I hope you will take a moment and check out the gallery. If you come across something of interest contact me. All work is available in print for purchase. Enjoy the tour. Its a pleasure for me to invite you in.

I got to say it...

I gotta say it. Thank you for visiting my online "KIMBERLY" Art Blog. The work contained in this blog is the property of KimberlyM. You are not to make use of or copy any of the work contained in this blog. Unless you receive permission from KimberlyM.

The work herein is protected by TKG. Much appreciated and enjoy the work.

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